"Work Sets You Free" (Auschwitz Gate)
"Work Sets You Free" (Auschwitz Gate)

Final Exam Notes May 2012.doc
Invitation to Philosophy.ppt
Plato's Apology
Chinese Humanism.ppt
Indian Philosophy.ppt
Augustine’s Confessions.ppt
Basho’s Narrow Road of the Interior.ppt
The Decameron.ppt
Petrarch Close Reading.doc
Guides for Assistance: The Close Reading (explication)
Close Reading (explication) Guide (Warwick University)

Augustine Writing Prompt2.doc
Augustine Assignments.doc

Research Paper Documents
Research Paper Assignment Spring 2012.doc
Research Paper Process MLA Practice.docx
Basic Style for Citations of Electronic Sources.docx
Philosophy Res Ppr Deadlines.xls

Essential Course Documents and Presentations
Course Syllabus 2010-11
Invitation to Philosophy.ppt
Soccio Ch. 1.ppt
Some Broad Distinctions Between East and West.doc
Perception & Truth.ppt
Philosophy and Ethics.ppt
Philosophy and Religion.ppt
Freedom and Determinism.ppt
Paglia Broad Distinctions.ppt
Philosophy and Politics.ppt
The Unemployed Philosophers Guild
Western Dragons video
Turning the Pages (the British Library)
Notes on Nieman's Evil in Modern Thought

Existentialism Documents
Existentialism defined at Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Franz Kafka Project
Being and Nothingness PPT
Sartre's The Wall
Existentialism is a Humanism (Buzzdoc)
Sartre's Existentialism is a Humanism
Summary of Existentialism and Human Emotions
Camus's The Myth of Sisyphus
The Camus Society of UK
Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling
What is Existentialism? at Philosophy Talk
Dostoevsky's Notes from the Underground etext
Freidrich Nietzsche Website with text of Zarathustra
2001 A Space Odyssey Explained
2001 Opening Scene video
Unit One Essays
Night and Fog Video
Wiesel's Remarks on the Opening of the US Holocaust Museum
Wiesel's Remarks...video
Inside the Outside: Lady Gaga Interview (MTV)

Documents on the Origin of Chinese Humanism

Wengu Assignments.doc
Chinese Humanism Essay Assignment.doc
Chinese Humanism.ppt
Confucius (film, 2010)
The China Institute Online
Confucius: His Life and Legacy in Art

Documents for The Rise of Islam and Islamic Literature

Complete e-text of the Koran from the University of Virginia
Complete e-text of the Koran from the University of Michigan
The Museum of Islamic Art
The Rise of Islam: The Message (film)

Documents for Origins of Hebraism and Hellenism
Plato's Apology
Plato's Cave Allegory (video)
Plato's Republic (Classics Technology Center)
Plato and His Dialogues
Phaedo Prezi-tation
Crito Prezi-tation
Crito Outline.pdf
Crito Study Guide.doc
Analysis of the Apology.mht
Apology Prezi-tation
Buchler notes on Plato and Aristotle 1974 Revised.doc
Heidegger Plato's Truth.pdf
The Greek World View.ppt
Classical Tragedy.ppt
Leonidas "This is Sparta!" Video Clip

Documents for the Rise of Western Humanism

3D Atlas of the Universe Video
Decameron Study Guide.doc
Decameron Notes
Renaissance Code.pptx
Poetry and the Renaissance
The War Between Philosophy and Poetry
The Sonnet Form
Rainier Maria Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet
Rilke Letter to a Young Poet.doc
Rainer Maria Rilke's Duino Elegies.ppt
Gaga Stigmata (dedicated to Gaga Philosophy)
The Wheel of Fortune (Rota Fortuna) Image
Carl Orff's "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana (video)
The Influence of the Black Plague
The Decameron.ppt
Montaigne Essays.ppt
1755 Lisbon Earthquake video
Tsunamis of Atlantis, Lisbon, and Japan
Professor Rob Zaretsky on the 1755 Quake (audio)
Mozart's The Magic Flute Overture video
Mozart's The Magic Flute (complete) MET video
Mozart's The Magic Flute (complete) Branagh film
William Blake's "London" (video)
Songs of Innocence and Experience.ppt
The Milky Way in 3-D (homage to Blake's "The Tyger")
How The Universe Works (Discovery Channel video)
Lady Gaga sings "Born This Way" (__Rolling Stone__ video)
James Burke's Knowledge Web

Documents on Origins of the Eastern Mind: China and India
Sacred Texts

Indian Philosophy.ppt
Indian Philosophy Exam Preparation
Beatles and Hinduism
Indian Philosophy Assignments.doc
India Remembers Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs's Mantra Rooted in Buddhism
What Steve Jobs Did in India
The Complete Works of Chuang-Cho
Chuang Cho Assignment.doc
Companion Study Paper TTC and CTHD.doc
Prezi-tation on Lao-Tzu and TTC
Invitation to Philosophy.ppt
Invitation to Philosophy.rtf
Philosophical Thinking INV Ch. 2.ppt
Siddhartha e-Text (complete) at Project Gutenberg
Siddhartha Reading Schedule.doc
Siddhartha Study Guide Questions.pdf
Siddhartha Glossary of Terms
Bruce Lee in Return of the Dragon
Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon
Official Bruce Lee Website
Hubble Deep Field Video
Hubble Deep Field Video2
The Dalai Lama webcast,The Art of Happiness in Troubled Times
The Dalai Lama's Millennium Message

Documents on the Origins of the Eastern Mind: Japan
The Haiku Society of America
Basho's Narrow Road (National Geographic)
Basho’s Narrow Road of the Interior.ppt
Bouquet for Basho video
How to Write A Haiku Poem
More How To Write Haiku
Alan Watts //A Conversation with Myself// video
Zen Manual by Suzuki.pdf
Zen Paintings
Zen Buddhism and Its Relationship to Elements of Eastern and Western Arts
The Concept of Inochi
Notes on Writing English Haikus
EPA Reporting on Japan Earthquake/Tsunami (P. Ballentine)
Public Religion Research on Natural Disasters (March 2011)

Inside Readings Assignment.doc
Unit Essays.doc
Ancient Egyptian Poetry.ppt
Midterm Exam Norton Fall 08.doc
Midterm Exam Pt 2.doc
Songs of Innocence and Experience.ppt
art and experience pp.ppt
The Queen of Spades.ppt
How to Make a Journal.ppt

Weblinks for Writing and Research

Online Works of Ethicist James Rachels
Institute for Learning Technology Projects
Philosophy: Guide to Happiness with Alain DeBotton (videos)
Encyclopedic Resources for National and Regional Literatures
The Beatles with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Practicing Meditation
The Beatles with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi video and music
George Harrison "My Sweet Lord" video
George Harrison Morning Meditation Music video
George Harrison sings Gopala Krishna video
Zen Mind Beginner's Mind pdf
Robert Thurman and The Dalai Lama Video: The Four Noble Truths
Lost and Philosophy book
Lost and Philosophy
Tao Te Ching PDF
Open Source Edition of Siddhartha
About Buddhism
Borges Center at University of Pittsburgh
Borges "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius" in English and Spanish
Borges Stories and Summaries
Borges's The Library of Babel video
Borges's The Library of Babel
Analysis of The Garden of Forking Paths
Borges's The Garden of Forking Paths
Borges's The Circular Ruins video
Best Internet Philosophy Resources Links
The Society for Women in Philosophy
The Moq: An Introduction
Empiricism: Empirical Knowledge
Noesis: Philosophical Research Online
Paideia Project Online
Society for the Advancement for American Philosophy
T'ao Chien Poems in Translation
Ancient Theater Archive
Strunk's Elements of Style
The International Virginia Woolf Society
Montaigne's Complete Essays at Project Gutenberg
Montaigne's Challenge: To Dare to Say All That One Dares to Do
Montaigne and the Word Processor
Free Philosophy Audiobooks
Philosophy Res Ppr Deadlines.xls