Scene from F451
Scene from F451
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History of the English Language
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British Library Beowulf
Caxton's Chaucer
Shakespeare's First Folio
Jane Eyre First Editions
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Guides for Assistance: The Close Reading (explication)
Close Reading (explication) Guide (Reed College)
Close Reading (explication) Guide (Warwick University)
How to Do A Close Reading (Harvard University)
How to Do A Close Reading (Penn State University)
Close Reading Sample Paper 1.doc
Close Reading Sample Paper 2.doc

Course Expectations 12H.doc
The Anglo-Saxon Period (410-1066)

Anglo-Saxon Treasure Found in 2009 (pics)
Anglo-Saxon Treasure Found in 2009
Bodicca's Rebellion (BBC video with Enya)
Michael Wood's In Search of Boadicea documentary (BBC)
Enya's Song, "Bodicea" with Xena Video
BBC: The Anglo-Saxons
Anglo-Saxon Riddles
Anglo-Saxon Period Links
Beowulf e-text at Project Gutenberg
Rober Zemeckis's //Beowulf// Screenplay
Beowulf Paper.doc
Chronological Outline of Prehistoric, Celtic, Roman, and Anglo-Saxon England
Explicating a Text
Examples of Explications
Explicating a Poem
Format of a Textual Analysis (explication)

The Medieval Period (1066-1485)
The Rules of Courtly Love
Internet Medieval Sourcebook at Fordham University
Medieval England
NOVA Life in a Medieval English Castle
Britannia History
The Ellesmere Chaucer
The Ellesmere Chaucer at LIU
Canterbury Cathedral
The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
Luminarium Chaucer
Electronic Literature Foundation Chaucer
The Chaucer Page at Harvard University
eChaucer at University of Maine
Chaucer Lecture by Prof. Lee Paterson, Yale University
The Wife of Bath's Tale Study Guide
The New Chaucer Society
Cathedral Murder at Canterbury from BBC Video
An Outstanding Chaucer Study Guide

The English Renaissance (1066-1485)
Shakespeare's //The Tempest// etext
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
The Tempest Study Guide
The Tempest film trailer (2010)
The Tempest film clips and still shots (2010)
BBC Animated The Tempest
Tempest Projects.doc
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (RSC Video)

The English Victorian Period (1833-1901)
Jane Eyre Reading Schedule Long.doc
Jane Eyre film website
Notes on the English Victorian Period
Charlotte Bronte Page at VictorianWeb
Jane Eyre film info and reviews (IMBD, 2011)
Jane Eyre video (BBC 2006)
Jane Eyre complete etext
Jane Eyre Signet Classics Guide

HUXLEY: The Modern Age (1900-present)
Brave New World etext
Brave New World Revisited etext
Brave New World Reading Schedule
Iron Maiden's Brave New World (video)
Motorhead's Brave New World (video)
Brave New World Study Questions
The Problem of Stability in Brave New World
Aldous Huxley Somaweb
Brave New World Movie Trailer
Aldous Huxley Interviews (video)
Aldous Huxley Interviews (video2)
The New Soma: The Internet
Huxley's Religious Vision (etext of The Perennial Philosophy)
Brave New World Research.doc

HUXLEY: Links on Biomedical Ethics Issues
The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity (extensive resources)
Report on the President's Council on Bioethics
Link to Huxley's The Doors of Perception etext
Test Tube Babies (PBS web)
Life Studies (Japanese bioethics)

HUXLEY: Links on Population Control Issues
John Holdren's Ecoscience Critiqued
Holdren's Ecoscience PDF download
The American Eugenics Archive (History of the Movement)
BNW Eugenics Politics Fiction.pdf

Links to Statism Issues
Lenin's The State and Revolution etext
Lenin's What Is to Be Done? Chapter One, etext
Marx's Communist Manifesto etext
Dystopia and Huxley.pdf
Social Criticism and Huxley.pdf
Utopia and Huxley.pdf
Dystopia and Huxley.pdf
Technology and Economics
Brave New World and State Sponsored Consumption

Links to Experimental Science Issues
National Science Foundation Cognitive Science Division
2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal (Time Magazine, 2/10/11)
Around the Corner: Lab-Grown Meat
Science and Conscience BNW.pdf
Huxley as Prophet.pdf

HUXLEY: Links to Aesthetic Issues
WS and Huxley.pdf
Huxley and Music.pdf

HUXLEY: Links to Religious and Philosophical Issues
Cardinal Newman's Influence
James's The Varieties of Religious Experience
Philosophy and Huxley.pdf
Ideas and Huxley.pdf
Futility and Huxley.pdf
Huxley's Humanism.pdf
Huxley Mysticism.pdf

HESSE: Links to Siddhartha
Siddhartha etext

BRADBURY: Links Relating to Fahrenheit 451
Allusions in F451

Links on History of the English Language
Geography and the English Language (University of Texas)